Hello Kitty Ubuntu (Desktop Screenshot)

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Hello Kitty Ubuntu (Desktop Screenshot)

Here is a screenshot of my desktop PC. Its running ubuntu with beryl, the icons are customized (pink'd out!) versions of the gartoon icon set, with ofc a hello kitty bg. Using heliodor instead of emerald so could use the the uber cute gnome window themes, in this case Bikkuri UI. Got most of the stuff including the xmms themes from gnomelook.org. Be sure to click on ORIGINAL to see it full size, its quite cute!! Makes using the pc so soothing ^_^

Over a year later... I've created a wikipage here describing where to get the files, and how to install. XD

Pretty Cute!!!! °-°

Remember that we have our inner child =D
I want it >.<


How old r u?:)

late 30s >_> :p

late 30s >_>



Just curious, which dock are

Just curious, which dock are you using?

- airbear

Its gdesklets, I forget the

Its gdesklets, I forget the exact plugin that does that style dock but it came with the ubuntu pkg along with a few others but that one was the best. Hopefully shouldnt be too hard to find. ^^

Cute and Pink

Nice SS. I now use Ubuntu too. ^.^